AR.Rescue is a first-person view (FPV) piloting game in Augmented Reality. It is played solo using an iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPadTM. Place your special AR.Drone target on the ground and the game starts. Help the aliens to return to their planet on board their rocket. Recover the pieces of rocket scattered in the atmosphere, get rid of the nasty Crunchers and try to beat the clock on every mission.


Register with AR.Drone Academy and all your scores will be recorded in your account. Relive your adventures against the crunchers and compare your scores with the player community. All the missions carried out with AR.Rescue 2 will be used to enrich your general flight data on your AR.Drone Academy account. View your data from AR.Freeflight 2.2. Now off to battle - there's not a second to lose!



niveaux de jeu

AR.Rescue offers 40 missions in 4 different worlds. The higher the level you go, the more the level of difficulty increases. You will constantly improve your piloting skills during the game’s various missions and you will give increasingly accurate commands. You will need several hours of piloting to get the better of the nasty Crunchers.


détection de la cible

The special AR.Drone target is detected by the AR.Drone’s vertical camera and displays the base in Augmented Reality on the screen of your iPhone®, iPod touch® or iPadTM. This base will be your new headquarters for all the games you play on AR.Rescue.


cible spéciale détection

Special AR.Drone Target

Parrot provides you with a special detection target for Augmented Reality. This target is compatible with AR.Rescue and allows you to display Augmented Reality on your iPhone® screen, as well as get the AR.Drone stabilisation mechanism. This black and white target can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking on the image below. You can simply print it out.

Special detection target (223.4 KB)